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Being a
Pantry Secrets
is Simple:

1. Schedule Your Class

2. Teach Your Class

3. Order Your Products

4. Get Paid

How It Works

  • Schedule Your Class: You, as a Pantry Secrets Instructor, schedule your own classes. We provide you with an instructor web page where your classes are posted and participants are able to register. Pantry Secrets Classes were designed to be completed in a series.

  • Teach Your Class: You set your own schedule and how often you want to teach. You can host the series of classes in your own home, or in the home of a host. Each class has a corresponding Instructor DVD that you teach from. Each DVD has an introduction, a quick look of what you will be making in the class, and an additional demonstration or teaching section. This way, you never worry about forgetting to teach an important concept, they get to see everything first hand and are able to taste the finished products.

  • Order Your Products: You will have access to our simple online store to order your products. We provide printable Customer Order Forms showing the correct amount of taxes and shipping & handling if applicable.

make money

how it works

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  • Get Paid: You earn $10 per participant at each class. Instructors also earn 20% off all products sold through an instructor discount program. Bosch and WonderMill products are paid a separate commission.
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