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Hosting a Pantry Secrets Class
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What are the Benefits?
  • As our gift to you for hosting the class, you will receive your class fee for FREE!
  • Additionally, if 10 or more guests attend the class, you will receive the class DVD for FREE!
How Do I Host a Class?
At Pantry Secrets we are all about simplicity, that is why we have made hosting a Pantry Secrets class so easy. As the host, you:


What Can I Expect from a Class?
At the Class You Will:

  • VIEW a Video Demonstration by Jeannie, the founder of Pantry Secrets and Mindy, her daughter
  • PARTICIPATE in a Live Demonstration by your Certified Instructor
  • LEARN Tips, Get Your Questions Answered, Receive the Pantry Secrets Bread Recipe and other recipes pertaining to the class
  • TASTE the bread! That’s right, in the time that you are at the class we will have time to make the bread, bake it and taste it!



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